Russia’s cargo spacecraft Progress Update

Russia’s cargo spacecraft Progress that has flown for over a week on a low Earth orbit as a scientific laboratory on Thursday will be sunken in the Pacific, the Mission Control Center (MCC) outside Moscow told Itar-Tass.

“At 13:33 MSK the Progress M-11M engines are to be switched on for deceleration, the ship will begin a de-orbit maneuver and in 48 minutes the cargo spacecraft’s unburned fragments will reach the surface of the Pacific,” the MCC specified.

The Progress was undocked from the International Space Station (ISS) on August 23 on a command from the Earth and taken to a lower orbit.

“During the spaceship’s autonomous flight in orbit a session of the geophysical experiment Radar-Progress was conducted the purpose of which is to determine spatial-and-time dependencies of density, temperature and ion composition of local non-uniformities of the ionosphere arising as a result of the operation of spacecraft propulsion units,” the MCC explained.

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