Ruffa Gutierrez as co-host of Todd Newton and Lisa Robertson

While the (hopefully whole) Philippines saw Ruffa Gutierrez as co-host of Todd Newton and Lisa Robertson in the five-hour Countdown to the Millennium aired on ABC Channel 5 “in the Philippines” last Jan. 1 from 8 p.m. to 1 a.m., some Filipinos in other parts of the world, particularly North America, including Funfare’s international correspondent Ferdinand Lapuz, didn’t, in the words of one disgruntled Funfare reader, “get a glimpse” of Ruffa and/or the show.

Reader “Lyn” wrote to complain that it wasn’t shown in the USA; and neither did reader Nancy Santos see it in Canada. One “Miss New Jersey” also missed the show while another reader who e-mailed a letter from abroad, identifying himself simply as “JLL,” accused Funfare (and, for that matter, other columnists who wrote about the Countdown) of “irresponsible reporting” (Ouch! Ang sakit mo naman mang-akusa!) when in fact, I suspect that there was some confusion in the scheduling and the identification of which channel is airing the show in what place.

ent1An e-mail from reader Oliver Carnay (no address given) should help clear up the whole confusion.

Wrote Oliver: This is an answer to your “international correspondent” Ferdinand Lapuz’s letter regarding Ruffa’s hosting for the Countdown to the Millennium. Ruffa was actually seen on Direct TV cable on Channel 104 and not on ABC Channel 7 (local channel here in Los Angeles). He must have mistaken ABC Channel 5 of the Philippines for ABC 7 in L.A. Days before the telecast, plugs from MTV and other channels regarding the Countdown, mentioning Todd Newton, Lisa Robertson and Ruffa as hosts, were shown repeatedly to remind televiewers that it would be shown on DirectTV cable. It was a FREE telecast “live” from Orlando, Florida. Sorry if he missed it.

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