Ronni Chasen: Farewell Ronni Chasen

Renowned Hollywood Publicist Ronni Chasen was shot dead in the chest. His Mercedes car was found slumped on a lamp-post. It may be that he was shot while he was driving or it could be that Ronni Chasen was shot by someone inside his car. We are still waiting for more details of police report. It’s sad day in Hollywood.

Ronni Chasen until death had been a successful publicist spanning a colorful career in 30 years. Chasen had been instrumental to the success of movies such as Driving Miss Daisy and Lolita.

I tried to search more about Ronni Chasen in Wikipedia but unfortunately Chasen doesn’t have a profile in that site. I was instead suggested that I should search for Robin Chase. I hope someone close to Chasen could make a profile of this person in Wikipedia.

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