Road Project in Dolores, Quezon Province

Residents of far flung villages of Antonino and San Mateo in Dolores were elated following the inauguration of the newly completed farm-to-market road that connected their villages on Sunday.

Over the past years, the two barangays were touted as “Barangays Pinabayan,” because their rough roads hampered the movement of the people and the transport of goods and services.

The roads leading to the two barangays were muddy during rainy days and dusty on summer days. Farmers transporting their products to the public market in the capital town incur added expenses as delivery cars charged extra for maintenance.

Speaking during the inauguration ceremony, Mayor Renato Alillo, said school children now find going to school very convenient.

“Farmers transporting their goods have less to pay as travel has become less tedious and more convenient,” he explained.

Alillo related that he had long wanted to improve the barangay roads but Dolores, one of the smallest municipality of Quezon, does not have enough funds for road construction, much less, for concreting.

He expressed his gratitude to Governor David Suarez who allocated P4 million for the construction and concreting of the road.

Governor Suarez led the inauguration ceremonies on Saturday along with other local officials, members of the non-government organizations, school teachers and residents of the two barangays.

During the same occasion, Gov. Suarez visited the Dagatan National High School where he poured in P600, 000 for the purchase of a lot for additional classrooms.

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