Retail Price of Rambutan Fruit

Several local agro-foresters of Tuba, Benguet and the adjacent Pugo, La Union revealed that they succeeded in their “rambutan” orchards that during this peak of harvest, the retail price is as low as P35 to P40 a kilo.

Benita Palispis, one of the pioneers in the rambutan production in the area, said with just a few square meters of her original “pilot rambutan farm”, “the total of similar orchards in Tuba and around would now be several hectares.”

Before 2008, most “rambutan” fruits sold here came from farms in southern Luzon provinces like Batangas and Laguna.

It was the time when the the whitish fleshy fruit wrapped by reddish pulp was considered as “luxury” as even during peak harvest, the fruit fetched a price of more or less P100 a kilo.

Palispis said that many farm entrepreneurs in the area grew “rambutan” not to offer competition to other farmers but to help the marginalized families also enjoy the “luxury” fruits enjoyed by those who are high income earners.

She revealed that in the adjacent town of Sablan, farmers are also trying to grow in commercial scale another luxurious fruit – lanzones – in order that more local consumers could enjoy it at lower prices.

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