Results of 2012 Philippines Bar Exam

The results of the 2012 Philippine Bar Exam are released today. In few minutes, the Philippine Supreme Court will announce the result. The names below are students who took the exam last year in Manila. We will know if they pass today. To be the first to know, click the Share of Facebook button and get the first update of the 2012 philippine bar exams.

2906. HANOYAN, Cecilia May L.
2907. HARAIN, Mustafa Dreza W.
2908. HARDER, Jeanne B.
2909. HARINA, Ma. Sheryl L.
2910. HASSAN, Fahad L.
2911. HASSAN, Heidi A.
2912. HASSAN, Khazim A.
2913. HATAB, Nurhayza T.
2914. HATAMOSA, Fulgene A.
2915. HAYA, Rhonalet S.
2916. HAYNES, Matilde DR.
2917. HECHANOVA, Eleanor S.
2918. HECITA, Ivy Bianca R.
2919. HELLO, Nira L.
2920. HELMUTH, Hazel L.
2921. HEMEDEZ, Mina A.
2922. HERMIDA, Aquinas Ranulph R.
2923. HERMOSO, David Augustus L.
2924. HERMOSO, Huberto N.
2925. HERNAL, Ma. Cristina S.
2926. HERNANDEZ, Emilia Jane M.
2927. HERNANDEZ, Gerry G.
2928. HERNANDEZ, Leilah G.
2929. HERNANDEZ, Mark Dondee L.
2930. HERNANDEZ, Neri Rose P.
2931. HERNANDEZ, Ramon Gerard S.
2932. HERNANDEZ, Wendy Lynne P.
2933. HERNANDEZ-ABARQUEZ, Maria Cielo S.
2934. HERNANDO, Gayle Marie P.
2935. HERRERA, Beatrix Frances Korina A.
2936. HERRERA, Gladys Risenjoy U.
2937. HERRERA, Joey V.
2938. HERRERA, Lindley L.
2939. HERRERA, Miguel Cornelius C.
2940. HERRERA, Nicole L.
2941. HIBAYA, Lamberto M.
2942. HIDALGO, Michelle Marie A.
2944. HIDLAO, Hadji Hrothgar O.
2945. HIDUNG, Jenifer P.
2946. HILAO, Victor Allan B.
2947. HILARIO, Gary S.
2948. HILARIO, Philip Jerome J.
2949. HILARIO, Tirso Tomas C.
2950. HINAYON, JR., Ronald J.
2951. HIPE, Anderson Q.
2952. HIPOS, Kristine Annabellee G.
2954. HIZON, Joel Strauss Q.
2955. HONORIDEZ, Eduardo T.
2956. HONTANOSAS, Fritz Albert O.
2957. HORTALEZA, Khristine B.
2958. HORTELANO, Porferio Q.
2959. HORTILLOSA, Jana D.
2960. HOW, Sharrah Josse D.
2961. HUANG, Francesca Noelle M.
2962. HUELMA, Andrew G.
2963. HUESCA, Ken Alder I.

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