Representatives from UN member states

Representatives from UN member states on Monday took the floor at the General Assembly to call for further strengthened efforts to revitalize the 192-member body as the main UN organ in addressing issues of international peace and security in accordance with the UN Charter.

The representatives, speaking at the plenary meeting of the 65th General Assembly session to discuss how to revitalize the UN organ, said that the General Assembly should make such greater efforts as taking the lead in setting the global agenda and restoring the centrality of the United Nations in formulating multilateral approaches to resolving transnational issues, and increasing its interaction with civil society, non-governmental organizations and private sector on relevant issues.

“The General Assembly must endeavor to demonstrate its relevance and adapt to changes and challenges in the global environment,” said Ang Zhongren, the representative of Singapore. “The reform and strengthening of the General Assembly cannot be more timely and urgent.”

Mourad Benmehidi, the Algerian UN ambassador who spoke on behalf of the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM), said, “The Movement underlines that the revitalization process is of political nature aiming mainly strengthen of the role of the General Assembly as the chief deliberative policy-making and representative organ of the UN and its position in the wider UN system.”

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