Renato Corona Has Lots of Money

By Jelly Musico

The camp of Chief Justice Renato Corona filed on Wednesday an opposition to the request by the prosecution panel to subpoena the manager of the Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI)-Ayala branch to testify and bring documents in relation to bank account purportedly owned by Corona and wife, Cristina.

The defense team through legal counsels Jose Roy III and Dennis Manalo explained that the testimony of the person named in the request and documents identified therein “clearly intended by the prosecution to prove paragraph 2.4 of the Article 2 of the impeachment complaint.

”This Honorable Court already ruled that the paragraph 2.4 does not contain statements of ultimate fact and must be deemed excluded from the impeachment trial,” the two lawyers stated in their opposition letter.

The paragraph 2.4 refers to the ill-gotten wealth which impeachment court disallowed under the Article 2 which accused Corona of non-disclosure of his SALN and under declaration some of his properties.

”CJ Corona reiterates that paragraph 2.4 is merely based on “reports” and “suspicion”.

”Wherefore, in consideration of the provisions of law, jurisprudence and arguments adduced, it is respectfully prayed that this impeachment court deny complainants’ request for the issuance of subpoenae,” the defense panel stated.

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