Recycled Cooking Oil Dangerous to Your Health

Two Quezon City councilors on Tuesday asked the QC health department to look into waste vegetable oil being refined and recycled and sold in public markets.

QC Councilors Gian Carlo Sotto and Jessica Castelo Daza also urged the QC health department to investigate the use of waste vegetable oil by some unscrupulous restaurants and street food vendors.

Waste cooking oil, also known as used cooking oil, is vegetable oil recovered from cooking of food by food manufacturers and catering establishment as restaurants and industrial kitchens.

Unscrupulous traders are allegedly filtering and bleaching the used cooking oil and then resell it as new cooking oil in public markets or to chicharon (roasted pig skin) and hopia (Chinese spring roll) makers for their production.

The used oil is considered a waste product for which restaurants had to pay to haul and dispose off illegally into the city’s drainage system.

Some market vendors buy the recycled oil and resell it in small plastic containers at low retail price.

Sotto said that the public should be careful in buying this recycled oil which is rancid and spoil the taste of fried food.

He added that based on studies, recycled vegetable oil contains many harmful carcinogens and pathogenic bacteria, and is therefore unfit for consumption and must be considered dangerous to public health. (PNA)

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