Read Results of Philippine Bar Exam 2012

Always bear in mind that your own resolution to succeed is more important than any other, says Abraham Lincoln. The 2012 Philippine Bar Exam Result is announced today according to the Supreme Court. The names below are examinees who took the bar exam in UST Manila in 2011. We will know in few minutes whether these future lawyers have passed the exam. To get the latest update, like us on Facebook and share us on Twitter and get the result of the 2012 Philippine Bar Exam today.

863. BAUTISTA, Ma. Nessa M.
864. BAUTISTA, Mario S.
865. BAUTISTA, Maye Melissa M.
866. BAUTISTA, Rommel P.
867. BAUTISTA, Rosario R.
868. BAUTISTA, Vanessa Johanne O.
869. BAUTISTA, Vernadette D.
870. BAUTISTA, Virginia A.
872. BAWAGAN, Jaime P.
873. BAYACSAN, Amor C.
874. BAYAM, Khalil S.
875. BAYANG, Marvin Jason N.
876. BAYAO, Salima M.
877. BAYARAS, Jeremy John C.
878. BAYAWA, Melqueselda M.
879. BAYBAY, Benedict Dominic Q.
880. BAYBAYAN, Jay B.
881. BAYLON, JR., Isagani B.
882. BAYLOSIS, Jessie B.
883. BAYOCOT, Rolando G.
884. BAYON, Febhay P.
885. BAYONETA, Arlen M.
886. BAYTA, Manuel Rey V.
887. BAYUDAN, Magnolia Gay B.
888. BAZAN, Sharon B.
889. BAÑAGA, Rosemil R.
890. BAÑARES, Nory D.
891. BAÑARES, JR., Joel B.
892. BEATO, Desiree A.
893. BEBANCO, Cristina R.
894. BEBING, Henry John B.
895. BEJAR, Jed Allan R.
896. BEJASA, Roda C.
897. BEJEMINO, George D.
898. BELCIÑA, James Bernard A.
899. BELEN, Timothy James M.
900. BELEN, JR., Alfredo L.
901. BELGIRA, Rhoan Louiege B.
902. BELISARIO, Dennis Tristan V.
903. BELLEN, Arnel B.
904. BELLEN, Norma L.
905. BELLEN, Sylvia O.
906. BELLEZA, Jeremy P.
907. BELLEZA, JR., Florante L.
908. BELLO, Aaron Homer V.
909. BELLO, Diana Lyn B.
910. BELLONES, Friann A.
911. BELLY, Jocelyn B.
912. BELTRAN, Jennifer G.
913. BELTRAN, Jo Anne B.
914. BELTRAN, Johanna M.
915. BELTRAN, Rizalino L.
916. BELTRAN, Ronald B.
917. BELZA, Loreen M.
918. BENABESE, JR., Teofilo S.
919. BENDAÑO, Rina S.
920. BENDIJO, Chris Noel A.
921. BENDOVAL, Wendell P.
922. BENEDICTO, JR., Leonardo R.
923. BENGWAYAN, Brenner L.


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