Read Philippines List Bar Exam Passers 2012

The list of bar exam passers of the Philippines in 2012 is known today. Watch and wait. Below are names of students who took the bar exam in UST Manila in 2011. We will know if they pass the exam today. To be the first to know, like and recommend us on Facebook, and get the latest result of the 2012 Philippine Bar Examination.

1281. CAMPOMANES, Paul C.
1282. CAMPOMANES, Reynaldo M.
1283. CAMPOS, Marlon P.
1284. CAMSOL, Neptali B.
1285. CANALIJA, Sisinia A.
1286. CANARIAS, Januar B.
1287. CANCERAN, Josie M.
1288. CANDIDO, Rea Abigail M.
1289. CANDO, Mary Anne A.
1290. CANICOSA, Gian Carlo R.
1291. CANICULA, Beverly R.
1292. CANIEDO, Katrene Jade O.
1293. CANIESO, Genith Lorraine G.
1294. CANIESO, Michelle M.
1295. CANIGA, Mark Oscar L.
1296. CANILAO, Michael Angelo S.
1297. CANIOS, Charisse N.
1298. CANLAS, Edzel Bert B.
1299. CANLAS, Gilbert Y.
1300. CANO, Janice Sybel D.
1301. CANOBAS, Gileen V.
1302. CANON, JR., Raul E.
1303. CANOSA, June J.
1304. CANOY, Avone Claire F.
1305. CANOY, Milogen G.
1306. CANTA, Alvin Prandy T.
1307. CANTILA, Lucia L.
1308. CANTORNE, Czarina Mae R.
1309. CANUA, JR., Erlic C.
1310. CAOAGDAN, Christian A.
1311. CAPADNGAN, Juvelyn T.
Johanna S.
1314. CAPATI, Giancarlo S.
1315. CAPAYAS, Neil R.
1316. CAPCO, Giancarlo C.
1317. CAPIENDO, Jessie P.
1318. CAPILI, Jun Wilvir P.
1319. CAPILI-GUINGAB, Maricion B.
1320. CAPISTRANO, Carl Tahny Jan J.
1321. CAPISTRANO, Melchor G.
1322. CAPRICHO, I, Jan Roi B.
1323. CAPUL, Marichou P.
1324. CAPULE, Ma. Niña Bernadette G.
1325. CAPUNO, JR., Roberto S.
1326. CAPUNO-PLACENTE, Michellin
1327. CAPUS, Geneve P.
1328. CARAGAN, Stephany J.
1329. CARAGAY, Christopher Marc V.
1330. CARAIG, Emelita A.
1331. CARAIT, Magtangol Jose P.
1332. CARAIT, III, Magtangol Jose C.
1333. CARAMTO, Carlo Stephen D.
1334. CARANGUIAN, Lirio G.
1335. CARASIG, JR., Alberto R.
1336. CARATAO, Meryl Joyce B.
1337. CARAYUGAN, Criscelyn B.
1338. CARBONELL, Wilfred M.


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