RCRA Hazardous Waste Handler Information (RCRIS) on CD-ROM

Contains permit status, design capacity and compliance history for facilities found in the EPA RCRIS program tracking database. Developed and maintained independently
by the Olewine Company, the database retrieval system allows the user to search for RCRA facilities by permit type, Standard Industry Classification (SIC) code, RCRA waste codes, corrective action or violation; view compliance information (dates of evaluation, violation, enforcement and corrective action); look up facilities by waste processing categories of marketing, transporting, processing and energy recovery; and produce facility profile reports showing waste activity or compliance history. Product contains databases, search and retrieval software on two ISO 9600/High Sierra format CD/ROMs, online help from any screen, an installation diskette, and a User’s Guide. Requires a PC running DOS 3.1 or higher and 4 Meg hard-disk space. The Olewine Company also offers hotline support for no additional charge.

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