Radiation Exposure – How to Avoid Radiation Exposure

Radiation exposure is a real danger. As Japan is battling its worst nuclear crisis ever following the March 11 earthquake, nuclear radiation leak threatens the health of the entire humanity. In Time Magazine, Prof. John K.C. Leung gives advice on radiation exposurehow to avoid radiation exposure. Remember nuclear radiation exposure can travel through clouds. It doesn’t really matter where you are. If the radioactive atomic materials can travel through air, then it can go anywhere.

TIME spoke to John K.C. Leung, a radiation expert at Hong Kong University. He explained the general protocol for those who find themselves at risk of nuclear exposure:
—Stay indoors. The walls will provide some measure of protection from the radiation.
—Shut all the windows and doors and turn off ventilation systems. Breathing inside air is better.
—Keep away from the windows and walls. The further you are away from them, the less radiation you’ll be exposed to.
*Please note, this is general advice. People should heed the advice of local authorities.

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