Rackspace Hosting Leader in Cloud Webhosting Service

The Gartner assessment, performed by the firm’s IT industry experts, evaluates providers based on the completeness of their vision and their ability to execute. It categorizes providers in quadrants labeled Niche Players, Challengers, Visionaries, and Leaders. Rackspace was among the 17 providers assessed by Gartner.

“The year 2011 has been fundamental in several major Rackspace initiatives with the formation of Rackspace Cloud Builders, providing consultative work around OpenStack, and the continued success and growth of RackConnect(TM), Rackspace’s hybrid hosting solution. We consider our leadership position in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Managed Hosting providers as further confirmation that Fanatical Support provides great IT outcomes for our customers,” said Lanham Napier, CEO at Rackspace. “2012 is a critical and exciting year for us as we work to advance OpenStack and extend the quality of services we provide our customers. We are obsessed with building a great company, and we’re doing the hard work to build the service leader in cloud computing.”

Rackspace is one of the few providers in the managed hosting market to offer hybrid hosting capabilities using its solution called RackConnect(TM). According to the report, “Most solutions for complex needs are hybrids, mixing different types of infrastructures to achieve cost-effectiveness, and to meet the customer’s range of availability, performance, security and IT operations requirements. For instance, customers may need test and staging servers hosted on an IaaS platform, their front-end Web and application servers on utility hosting, and dedicated database servers. This has spurred providers to develop and productize hybrid hosting services that interconnect colocation, traditional hosting environments and cloud IaaS within unified networking and security contexts.”

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