Quality of Life at Sierra Laguna Area

On February 17, 2011, representatives from the El Triunfo, San Antonio, and El Rosario met in La Paz at the Palmira Hotel at 10:30 am to participate in a workshop that discussed efforts to improve the quality of life for residents of the Sierra Laguna area. The name of the newly formed association they have recently formed is Amanecer de la Sierra.

The three towns have come together for the first time to provide a unified voice in matters that concern the future of the Sierra Laguna region, which has had had a long history of involvement with Baja California Sur’s mining industry. In recent years, and in the absence of mining work, they found their standard of living declining. The goal of the workshops is to improve the living conditions of the people of Sierra Laguna thorough self-knowledge and self-empowerment. The workshops are sponsored by ASUDES, a foundation supported by The Concordia Project, which is a Mexican mining company in the process of seeking a permit to operate a new mine in the area, is sponsoring the workshops as a result of its commitment following the principles of the 3P (People, Planet, Prosperity) approach which is intended to bring direct and indirect work to the region, as well as business opportunities, improved health care, and educational and vocational programs. – source: Prweb.com

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