Python binding to Objectivity’s free 60-day trial download

In response to requests from application developers to provide more support for the Python programming language, Objectivity engineers have added a Python binding to Objectivity’s free 60-day trial download.

Objectivity/Python is an Application Programming Interface (API) for writing Python scripts and applications that store and manipulate persistent objects. The Objectivity/Python binding can be used to create new applications or link existing programs; it is especially useful to application developers who need to build custom database administration scripts or develop test frameworks for quality assurance.

Python has gained popularity among application developers as a language that provides strong query and script access to data-driven systems. Python and other object-oriented languages are a natural fit for many of Objectivity’s customers.

Objectivity/Python is a versatile product,” said Lenny Hoffman, Objectivity’s director of technical consulting and product requirements. “It can be used for pure application development, or customers can use the binding to take advantage of Objectivity’s language interoperability. Even if you have Objectivity applications written in strongly typed languages such as in C++ or Java, you can leverage Python’s interactivity and productivity to create development aids and application-specific administration scripts so you can explore and update your Objectivity database dynamically.”

Objectivity/Python is fully interoperable with the other languages supported by Objectivity/DB, such as .Net for C#, C++, Java, Smalltalk, SQL++ and XML (both import and export).

Developers can evaluate the Objectivity/Python binding by registering for Objectivity’s free 60-day trial evaluation.

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