Psychological and Psychiatric Test for Supreme Court Justices

By Perfecto Raymundo

The Supreme Court Tuesday allowed the Judicial and Bar Council to release the copy of the result of the psychological and psychiatric test of all former nominees for the post of Chief Justice.

The JBC is under the direct supervision of the SC.

This was the result of the deliberation of the en banc session of the SC on the request of Associate Justice Arturo D. Brion for a copy of the result of his psychiatric examination.

Brion was one of the 20 nominees for the post of Chief Justice who underwent the psychological and psychiatric test.

Because of this, the SC directed the JBC to release the result of the said test of the former nominees for Chief Justice who would ask for their copy, respectively.

However, before the SC decided on the matter, there was a heated deliberation on whether to allow the release of such test.

Chief Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno had asked for the deferment of the decision on the issue, but it was opposed by the other justices.

The JBC on Monday deferred the matter to the SC en banc to decide on the request of Brion.

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