Printer Toner Cartridges Banned in Canada

Canadian authorities have banned printer toner cartridges that weigh more than 454 grams from checked baggage and carry-on luggage on airplane flights, Transport Minister Chuck Strahl announced Monday.

Strahl said that passengers on outbound flights from Canada to the United States are not permitted to travel with cartridges in carry-on bags.

The Canadian moves came just hours after a similar announcement by U.S. Homeland Security secretary Janet Napolitano.

U.S. and Canadian authorities say two attempts were made last week to ship bombs from Yemen hidden in toner cartridges in checked baggage.

Since then, Canada and the U.S. have banned all air cargo originating from Yemen. Germany, France and Britain have also banned air freight from Yemen.

Strahl also added Somalia to a black list. All cargoes and mails from or transiting through countries on the list are banned from entering Canada.

This will be a major blow to the large Somali community in Canada. More than 200,000 Somali expatriates live in Toronto, Canada’s largest city, and in Ottawa, the country’s capital.

Earlier, Air Canada has ordered its staff to subject anyone connected to Yemen to undergo extra security checks at main airports in Canada.

Any passenger who was born or is a resident in Yemen will be taken aside to a so-called sterile area for a second and more thorough search, if he/she is traveling to or transiting through Yemen, or has started a trip in the country.

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