Prevent Crimes During Christmas Season

Police visibility in busy streets, university belts, commercial districts and inside malls, restaurants and airports in the Bicol has been strengthened in an effort to prevent criminality in the region this coming Christmas season.

Police officials remind their subordinates to keep up the good showing revealed by the recent assessment of the National Police Commission that the Philippine National Police in Bicol has a decreasing number of “bad apples.”

Policemen detailed for visibility assignments were told to remain courteous and be of service to the public should a need arise within their beats, especially on protecting shoppers against snatchers, pickpockets and other forms of street robberies.

Senior Supt. Renato Bataller, Bicol police spokesperson, said plainclothes policemen have been strategically detailed on street corners which are notorious for snatching and robbery-holdups and on establishments frequented by organized groups behind “get rich quick” scams.

Private and government employees are expected since the first week of this month to receive yearend bonuses that, according to Bataller, become targets of thieves on shopping malls, public conveyances, and along the streets.

Records at Camp Gen. Simeon Ola reveal a yearly rise in snatching, robbery-holdups and renewed operations of Budol-Budol gangs during December.

Aside from visibility, police patrols have been on a round-the-clock basis from the first day of this month.

“This Christmas holiday is an opportunity to show the public the police organization and its members are serious in its self-cleansing process. Always serve and greet people with a smile,” Bataller said.

Napolcom public information officer Ricardo Fontanilla said the present police visibility and other anti-criminality programs in the region earned for the Bicol police a renewed public trust.

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