Police in Nueva Ecija

Policemen on the beat are making the rounds in busy areas such as malls and shopping centers in this city and elsewhere in the 27 towns and five cities of Nueva Ecija.

Apparently, the ordinary folks on the streets are amused and delighted to see the uniformed service making itself visibly helpful to the community that deserves the police’s work ethics’ “To Serve and Protect.”

Nueva Ecija Provincial Police Office (NEPPO) director Sr. Supt. Roberto L. Aliggayu announced the early-November launching here of “Patrulya ng Pulis” designed to make the police’s visibility as a factor in deterring violent crime incidences such as robberies, cellphone snatchings, killings, carnappings perpetrated by criminals riding-in-tandem on motorcycles.

In several instances, the perpetrators brutally killed their hapless victims.

The recent approach of the subtle crime prevention measure is in consonance with the recent directive of Philippine National Police (PNP) Director General Nicanor A. Bartolome.

Aliggayu said the police’s visibility in strategic locations such as business and trade centers, public markets, churches, malls and transport terminals currently in place is expected to minimize, if not eliminate the occurrences of street crimes.

Police Community Human Relations officer Superintendent Lilian P. Castillo, citing the approaching Christmas season, said it is especially important that the police make their presence felt so the Christmas revelers may fully enjoy the spirit of the occasion minus intrusion from the criminal elements.

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