Police Campaign Against Loose Firearms and Private Armed Groups

The intensified police campaign against loose firearms and private armed groups to prevent violence during the holding of the 2013 elections, is slowly gaining ground.

The Llanera town police has reported the confiscation of a “paltik” or homemade caliber 9mm pistol, with short magazine and two live ammunition from the possession Reneboy Seriosa of Barangay Villa Veniegas, Llanera over the weekend.

Police operatives from the Provincial Public Safety Company (PPSC) also confiscated on Sunday from Severo Cariaga, 51, a resident of Sitio Pulo, Caalibangbangan, Cabanatuan City, a 9mm pistol without serial number with markings SCS, one magazine and two live ammunition, and four empty shells.

In the month of June through July 2, the police conducted a series of operations and confiscations of firearms were made.

The police confiscated from Alberto Baniaga of Barangay Atate, Palayan City an Armscor caliber .45 pistol after he fired shots at nighttime, thereby causing alarm and scandal in the village.

Meanwhile, Mercado Cabansag, a member of the Local Government Unit Security of Pantabangan town was arrested by the police at an anti-criminality checkpoint in the town, for possession of a caliber .45 Ithaca NY pistol with serial number 1181168, and two magazines and live ammunition.

He failed to present the license for the permit and permit to carry firearm outside residence.

Cabanatuan city police also confiscated a caliber .38 revolver which was used by a suicide victim, identified as Rennoel Pajarillaga, a resident of Purok Acacia, Barangay Balite, this city. Owner of the gun was not immediately known.

In San Antonio town, police operatives from Camp Crame, Quezon City and this town police simultaneously swooped down five barangays and seized various calibers of firearms from the houses of seven persons who were subjects of search warrants.

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