Plane Crash in La Pampa Province Argentina

Twelve people aboard a plane, including 10 passengers and two crew members, survived after their plane fell down shortly after takeoff and caught fire in La Pampa province, central Argentina on Sunday, police sources said.

The accident occurred around midday Sunday local time (1500 GMT), when the Antonov AN-2 plane, made by Russia, took off from a local airport in Santa Isabel locality, some 920 kilometers southwest of Buenos Aires, but soon crashed into the nearby woods.

La Pampa police’s Public Relations Director Andrea Mascelli said that all those aboard the plane only suffered minor injuries.

The plane lost one its wings during the crash and burst into flames, the sources said.

The passenger managed to evacuate the plane by themselves, and only one of them was taken to the hospital with a broken leg, the police said.

Causes of the crash are still under investigation. (PNA/Xinhua)

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