Pinterest Changes Its Privacy Policy and Terms of Service

Now that more than half of the people who use Pinterest are outside the United States, we’ve decided to update our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy to clarify how things work around the world.

What’s changing? The long and short of it is, if you live outside the United States, our products and services will be provided by Pinterest Europe Limited, an Irish company based in Dublin. Don’t worry, it’s the same Pinterest you know and love – this is just our official international offshoot.

You can learn more about these updates in our Help Center. If you like, you can even get a preview of the new Terms of Service and Privacy Policy before they go live.

If you keep using Pinterest after 1 November 2016, you’re letting us know that you’re OK with the updated Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, and that you’ve read and agreed to both.

Thanks for always being part of Pinterest,
The Pinterest team

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