Philippines toughest adventure race

The country’s toughest adventure race Carrera Habagat finally returns this year on November 21 to 25 in Cebu Province as part of the Habagat’s 25th Years of Adventure celebration.

In an interview here with event director Randy Su, president of the organizing Habagat Outdoor Equipment said this will be tougher and more challenging than any previous Carrera Habagat races.

“This time they will be running around in our backyard,” he said.

Carrera Habagat is a multi-day, multi-event adventure race that puts participants in a particular terrain and tests their outdoor skills. Participants go through a sequence of control points which they have to locate using only a map and a compass.

All these control points, their skills are put to the test through a series of activities such as kayaking, rappelling, mountain biking, running and swimming. Other challenges such as walking with stilts, climbing greases poles and solving puzzles also await the participants in different stages of the event.

Each team is allowed to have four members with one member of the opposite sex and two persons for their support crew. Throughout the race, each team has to carry mandatory equipment – without which it would be almost impossible for them to accomplish their tasks.

The race is held non-stop for four days and spread out in various locations at a selected province or island, thereby showcasing the natural beauty of the locality and increasing awareness regarding the fragility of the environment.

“Carrera Habagat combines discovery, adventure, sport, team spirit and environmental concerns. It has superior courses and gut wrenching challenges,” Su said.

Carrera Habagat has been the training ground for athletes and outdoorsmen from all over the country such as Leo Oracion, Erwin “Pastour” Emata and the rest of the members of the Philippine Mt. Everest Expedition Team.

Team Santorini, champions of the 2001 Carrera Habagat: Mystique Island Quest in Siquijor, performed notably in the 2001 Eco-Challenge held in New Zealand.

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