Philippines Exports Sugar to USA

By Lilybeth G. Ison

The Sugar Regulatory Administration (SRA) said Friday it will deliver the second shipment of 36,899.35 metric tons raw value (MTRV) sugar under the United States Tariff Quota Scheme by mid-August of this year.

The Philippines was given an additional volume of 72,373.65 MTRV for quota year 2011-2012 above the traditional quota of 138,827 MTRV, raising the total volume to 219,901 MTRV.

On July 5, SRA Administrator Maria Regina Martin said the Philippines has delivered the first shipment of 25,031.80 MTRV additional sugar quota.

She, however, said the final tranche of 10,442.5 MTRV additional sugar will be delivered in the next quota year because of shipping problems.

The US considers the Philippines as one of its preferred countries that gets shipment allocations for the American market.

The tariff rate quota allocation gives preferred countries such as the Philippines the authority to export specific quantities to the US at relatively low tariff rates. All other imports of the same product outside the tariff quota scheme are given a higher tariff.

As of July 5, Philippines has a domestic stock balance of 448,000 MT sugar — 252,000 MT raw sugar and 196,000 MT refined sugar.

The SRA said the stock is enough to meet domestic demand until next month.

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