Philippines Bar Exam Results 2013

Philippines Bar Exam Results 2013 is out today March 20, 2013. Taken at UST in 2012, the list of successful bar exam passers is known today. Here’s your copy. See more in our website.

851. TAMONDONG, JR., Eddie
852. TAN, Cheryl Bevin
853. TAN, Maria Theresa
854. TAN, Talitha Renee
855. TANCINCO, Rafael Lorenzo
856. TANCINCO, Roy Shaun
857. TANGCO, Karen Kreez
858. TANSINGCO, Samira Nimfa
860. TAPIA, Mayette
862. TAYHOPON, Kristoffer Ryan
863. TE, Justine
864. TECSON, Janna Mae
865. TEEHANKEE, Ryan Christopher
866. TELAN, John Benedict
867. TINAGAN, James Michael Vincent
868. TING, Camille Sue Mae
869. TIOPIANCO, Francis Paolo
870. TOBIAS, Ana Patricia
871. TOLENTINO, Arc Aldrin
873. TORRENTIRA, Rosalio
874. TORRES, Phillip
875. TORRES, Reyjie
876. TRASPORTO, Jose Donel
877. TUGADI, Marifem
878. TUMANDA, Jansyl Lovan
879. TUPAZ, Kristine
880. TUTAAN, Tyrone
881. TY, Evita Grace
882. UBERITA, Joan
883. UDDIN, Zalman
884. URSUA, Melissa Asuncion
885. USON, Adriana Alexis
886. UY, Johan Christian
887. UY, Kim Raisa
888. UY, Rhea
889. VALAQUIO, Ma. Ailyne
890. VALDEZ, Cristina
891. VALDEZ, Maia Chiara Halmen Reina
892. VALDEZ, JR., Edgar
893. VALENCIA, David Evelio
894. VALENTIN, Charmaine
895. VALENTON, Johvie
896. VALERA, Stephen Russel Keith
897. VARGAS, Jacqueline
898. VARGAS, Mona Angela
899. VARON, Iniego Carl
900. VELASCO, Ethelene

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