Philippine Reformed Value Added Tax (RVAT)

Informing the people about the significance of the Reformed Value Added Tax (RVAT) is a joint responsibility of the local government units and the national government, Davao del Norte Vice Governor Anthony del Rosario said.

In an interview, US trained banker Del Rosario said LGU officials should share with the responsibility of keeping their constituents informed about the impact of RVAT on the economy and on their lives.

“After all local governments units would benefit from an increase in revenues. If revenues go up then, they would get bigger share of internal revenue allotment,” he said.

Del Rosario pointed out the need for an information drive especially at the countryside where people have the least knowledge about the new provisions regarding value-added tax.

But he said the burden of informing the public should not be the sole responsibility of the national government but the local government as well.

Meanwhile, del Rosario wanted to see improvement in tax collection system.

“There has been inefficiency in collecting taxes and it is not right to use EVAT as a cover up and not to address this inefficiency,” he said.

Under the Reformed VAT electricity, fuel products, airlines, shipping services, among others already have value-added taxes. But unmanufactured agricultural products are spared from the tax.

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