Philippine Open Sky Policy

President Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III wants to implement a “pocket open-skies” policy to spur tourist arrivals in the country.

Aquino, during his visit in Cebu City Wednesday, said he believes the country will benefit from the liberalization of aviation rules.

”We will benefit from it, something like Singapore. Singapore is a hub. They get automatic tourists because they get the connecting flight. So when we have more flights in the country, we have more tourists,” he said.

The president also believes that infrastructure support is needed in order to increase the tourist arrivals in the country, such as improving the airports, increasing its holding capacity as well as the number of flights.

Aquino also sees the need to improve the pace and order situation across the country, which means going beyond identifying the perpetrator.

At present, Aquino said the Department of Tourism (DOT) has deployed tourist police in certain areas.

The DOT has also come up with tourist ambassadors to make sure tourists have a memorable stay in the country.

”That is a change from what we are doing in the past that hopefully will get us beyond the normal traffic of tourists that comes to the country, which is three million a year,” he said.

With the threats to security, Aquino disclosed that he will bring up the current threat to terrorism in the country in the two-day Asia pacific economic cooperation Summit, which will start Thursday in Japan. (PNA)

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