Philippine Mayor Jailed for Murder of Radio Broadcaster

A Cebu City Jail official said he is willing to accept former mayor Alfredo Arsenio of Lezo, Aklan to be jailed at the facility.

But this was quickly opposed by Cebu City Mayor Michael Rama.

Arsenio is detained at the Cebu Provincial Detention and Rehabilitation Center (CPDRC), a facility run by the provincial government.

But Capitol officials want Arsenio transferred to the city jail after they learned there was no court order stating that Arsenio be detained at the CPDRC.

Arsenio is facing a murder charge for the death of a broadcaster in Aklan but the hearing of his case was ordered transferred in Cebu City.

The plan to transfer Arsenio was also triggered after Cebu Gov. Gwendolyn Garcia found out that some jail guards reportedly gave special treatment to the former mayor.

Sometime in February, Arsenio was spotted taking his lunch outside the facility with the jail guards without any court approval.

A video footage of Arsenio also reached the Cebu Capitol, with the former mayor holding his birthday party at the warden’s office last month, which angered Garcia.

The Cebu Provincial Legal Office headed by lawyer Marino Martinquilla. will file a motion requesting the court to transfer Arsenio to the city jail.

Cebu City Jail Warden Johnson Calub said if there is an order for Arsenio’s transfer then he has no other choice but to accept him.

Rama, however, said he can never allow Arsenio to be transferred to the Cebu City Jail.

Rama said “favoritism” has long been an issue in the city jail that remains to be resolved.

If Arsenio were given special treatment at the CPDRC, Rama said it was more likely that he would get the same favor at the city jail.

Rama said favoritism had been one of the reasons he had not restored yet the monthly incentive allowance of the jail personnel and the rice subsidy for the inmates.

Jail personnel used to receive a P1,000 monthly allowance each from Cebu City Hall and P200,000 as rice subsidy for the inmates.

But then mayor and now Rep. Tomas Osmena (Cebu City, south district) cut off these privileges in 2002, following reports of drug trafficking, food subsidy kickbacks and special treatment to some inmates at the city jail.

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