Philippine-made Native Bags and Mat

A top producer of native bags and mat in the region is in a negotiation with three foreign firms for international sales of their product.

Teresita Policarpio, owner of Tap’s Homemade Products said that two American firms and a Taiwanese firm had shown interest to market their products abroad after the representatives of the three firms had seen their products in the fare held last year in Manila Fame.

Manila Fame is organized by the Center for International Trade Expositions and Missions, the export promotions arm of the Department of Trade and Industry.

Policarpio said that they had been exchanging e-mails since last year meeting.

“They will come back to see how we make bags and mats to close our negotiations,” Policarpio said.

She added that they are hopeful that the visit of the three firms will have a positive result as it means more income for them and at the same time a chance for them to conquer international market.

Tap’s started producing products made from “tikog” in 1999.

Tikog is an indigenous material abundant in the town of Policarpio, the municipality of Tanauan.

Since 1999, they have been producing 50 marketable designs of woven products out of naturally grown tikog, from bags, mats, hats, cushions, backpacks, laptops bags and wallets.

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