Philippine local manufacturers and producers of various products

The Federation of Philippine Industries (FPI), which is composed of 41 industry associations and 90 corporate members who are local manufacturers and producers of various products, is saddened by the departure of Commissioner Angelito Alvarez from the Bureau of Customs (BOC)..

Jesus Lim Arranza, FPI chairman and also concurrently the head of the FPI Anti-Smuggling Committee, shared this sentiment of their manufacturing members — the sector that is most affected by smuggling.

FPI members are into the production of agricultural and food products (rice, flour, sugar, beverages and wine, broilers, hogs, coconut and palm oil, oleo chemicals), petroleum and petrochemical products, construction materials (cement, steel products, galvanized roofing, electrical wiring, pipes, nails and wood), packaging and paper products (tin plates, tin cans, paper and glass), textile and garment products, firearms, cars, battery, chemicals and plastics, fertilizers, appliances, tobacco and cigarettes, among others.

Arranza said that the federation, in a classic case of Public Private Partnership (PPP) for governance, has established a good rapport and strong working relation with the BOC which resulted in major breakthroughs.

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