Philippine Gun Ban Starts

As the gun ban officially starts on Sunday, Commission on Elections Chairman Sixto Brillantes Jr. reminded the public to be aware of their rights and be wary of illegal searches.

“Start of the gun ban does not suspend your constitutional rights against illegal searches and seizure. Know and assert your rights at all times,” Brillantes said in his official Twitter account.

Brillantes and several Comelec officials, together with police authorities, made rounds of some checkpoints in Metro Manila.

He also reminded gun owners that all permits to carry firearms outside residence (PTCFOR) are “suspended and shall be without force and effect.”

“This means carrying/bearing of firearms, WITH OR WITHOUT license, starting January 13, 2013 will constitute as an election offense,” he said.

“I pray for a clean, honest, orderly and successful 2013 elections. May God bless us all!” he added.

The gun ban will end on June 12.

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