Philippine Government Against Firecrackers

By Avegail A. De Vera

The ‘Kampanya Kontra Paputok’ of the Department of Health (DOH) has laid out a number of acitvities for a low-rate firecracker-related injuries during the Holiday Season.

Part of the action plan is the Public Information Campaign that aims to promote information and awareness on the dangers of firecrackers and prevention of firecrackers.

The said campaign, directed by Center for Health Development Directors and Chiefs of DOH Hospitals, calls for close cooperation among local radios, TV networks and local government units .

The DOH has ordered all Centers for Health Development to take the lead in implementing the public information campaign in their respective regions or catchments area for ‘Kampanya Kontra Paputok’ activities, which include information dissemination on the dangers of using prohibited firecrackers and watusi.

Campaign against the use of firecrackers is more evident in public places such as Metro Rail Transit (MRT) and Light Rail Transit (LRT) terminals, malls, etc.

To discourage more the public to use firecrackers, streamers and posters of injured victims are posted in strategic and public places.

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