Philippine Export Data and Stats

Sales of Philippine-made goods abroad rose at its fastest pace in six months in December as shipments of electronic and coconut products continued to grow sharply, the government reported Wednesday.

The National Statistics Office (NSO) said merchandise exports in September went up by 46.1 percent to US$ 5.314 billion from US$ 3.638 billion in the same period last year.

This brought the total exports for the period January to September to US$ 38.298 billion, 38.5 percent higher compared to the US$ 27.649 billion registered during the same nine-month period last year.

The government targets a 15 percent growth in exports this year.

Electronics, which accounted for 65.5 percent of the total export revenue in September rose 56.4 percent to US$ 3.478 billion from US$ 2.250 billion posted in September last year.

Sales of articles of apparel and clothing accessories rose 27.9 percent to US$ 146.59 million from US$ 114.62 million recorded in September 2009.

Woodcrafts and furniture exports amounted to US$ 113.66 million in September from US$ 88.53 million recorded during the same month in 2009.

Exports of coconut Oil (including crude and refined) amounted to US$ 97.78 million, up by 50 percent from its year ago level of US$ 65.18 million.

Rounding up the list of the top ten exports for the month of September were other products manufactured from materials imported on consignment basis amounted to US$ 97.49 million; ignition wiring set and other wiring sets used in vehicles, zircrafts and ships, US$ 94.82 million; cathodes and sections of cathodes of refined copper, US$ 80.78 million; metal components, US$ 53.23 million; copper concentrates, US$ 39.12 million and tuna (includes fresh, frozen, prepared or preserved in airtight containers) with proceeds billed at US$ 31.42 million.

Total receipts from the top ten exports reached US$ 4.233 billion, or 79.7 percent of the total exports.

Singapore was the country’s top destinations of exports for September with revenue amounting to US$ 1.283 billion. It was higher by 478.6 percent from US$ 221.83 million recorded a year ago.

Japan including Okinawa followed with export earnings of US$ 765.85 million from US$ 611.70 million reported a year earlier.

Exports to People’s Republic of China amounted to US$ 669.74 million, a 296.1 percent higher from US$ 169.08 million.

At the same time, sales to United States of America (USA) amounted to US$ 558.68 million and Hong Kong with export earnings worth US$ 383.99 million.

Other top ten markets for September were Taiwan, US$ 201.59 million; Republic of Korea, US$ 189.04 million; Thailand, 8.71 million; and Germany, US$ 155.57 million.

Total export receipts from the Philippines top ten markets for the month of September 2010 amounted to US$ 4.569 billion or 86 percent of the total. (PNA)

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