Philippine Energy Efficiency Forum (PEEF)

Locators in the country’s various economic zones and new building proponents in Makati will be required to build energy efficient facilities, otherwise they would not be allowed to construct as part of the measures being implemented to make them competitive in light of the high cost and short supply of power in the country.

Henry Schumacher, executive vice-president of the European Chamber of Commerce of the Philippines, announced during the launch of the 3rd Philippine Energy Efficiency Forum (PEEF) 2012 slated on July 10 at the SMX Convention Center that they have to do this because efficiency measures have not yet really been practiced by companies religiously.

“We are barely scratching the surface,” said Schumacher when asked if companies have already reached the 30 percent reduction in their power consumption through energy conservation.

He admitted that ECCP, which is spearheading the PEEF, has members that are not compliant just like other companies.

According to Schumacher, the ECCP has an agreement with Philippine Economic Zone Authority director-general Lilia B. De Lima and Makati City Mayor Junjun Binay to strictly impose energy efficiency measures among companies operating in their respective areas.

For PEZA, Schumacher said that one of the requirements of their registered locators is to invest in energy efficiency measures otherwise they would not be allowed to construct.

“Locators in the zone are required to take energy efficiency seriously by reducing their energy consumption and prepare for the period when subsidy is no longer there once open access is implemented,” Schumacher said.

In the case of Makati, he said, they are working on crafting a city ordinance that would require new buildings in the city to conform with energy efficient programs.

In Makati alone, he said, there are 300 buildings that have not converted to energy efficiency measures.

“The idea is to work with Mayor Binay because it is hosting so many BPOs so they should insist that energy efficiency program on new buildings,” he said.

“Companies should invest in energy efficiency program because the payback period of three years in energy savings is no brainer,” Schumacher said, noting that it is a long way to convince people.

He said that if new buildings continue to be energy efficient then companies will transfer to these buildings.

Schumacher also said energy cost of BPOs alone would account for 40 percent of their total cost but these would be reduced by a minimum of 20 percent if they invest in energy efficiency measures.

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