Permanent Visual Loss

Prof Sir David Lane, Chairman of A*STAR’s Biomedical Research Council and Chief Scientist of Cancer Research UK, well known as the co-discoverer of the tumour suppressor gene, p53, will deliver the keynote address at the symposium organised jointly by A*STAR’s Bioinformatics Institute, the Singapore Eye Research Institute and the British High Commission at Biopolis today. His address will highlight a novel method of producing antibodies against the Dengue virus.

Joining him are 18 researchers from leading institutes across Singapore and the UK, who will present their latest findings on ways to combat the tiny yet dangerous agents of debilitating diseases such as SARS, Hepatitis B and tuberculosis. Dr Chan Tat Keong, Senior Consultant Ophthalmologist at the Singapore National Eye Centre (SNEC), is one of the speakers. He will speak about how SNEC’s current infection control practices have brought the post-surgery infection rate at SNEC to amongst the lowest in the world, and how they have benefited over 130,000 patients in Singapore. Infection is a serious complication after cataract surgery as it frequently leads to permanent visual loss.

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