Peace Festival in China with Pres Jimmy Carter

(PNA/Xinhua)– Former U.S. President James Carter attended the fourth China Zhijiang International Peace and Culture Festival in central China’s Hunan Province Tuesday, commemorating the victory of the war against Japanese aggression and of the world anti-fascist war 65 years ago.

The two-day festival was held in Zhijiang Dong Autonomous County where Japanese aggressors surrendered.

Zhijiang is the most suitable place to celebrate the hard-earned peace. And the event sent an important message of peace and cultural exchanges, said Carter.

A statue of U.S. General Claire Lee Chenault, who established the U.S. “Flying Tigers” air squadron that fought in the Second World War, was also unveiled in Zhijiang on Tuesday.

The American Volunteer Group, nicknamed the Flying Tigers by the Chinese for their courage, was formed in 1941 under the leadership of U.S. General Chenault to help China drive out invading Japanese troops.

Chenault’ s grand-daughter, Nell Calloway, who also attended the festival, said, “My family and I are quite touched that, despite that several decades have passed, the Chinese people have never forgotten my grandfather and the Flying Tigers and their efforts and contribution to the victory of the War of the Chinese People’s Resistance Against Japanese Aggression.”

“Today we unveil a statue as a memorial to my grandfather , but also to tell the current generation to value the hard-earned peace and remember the history of the war,” said Calloway.

“To my memory, my grandpa is a kind and loving man, and he always taught us to be ready to help others and seek justice. He did not just pay lip service to these noble ideas, but put words into action,” said Calloway.

An estimated 2,264 U.S. “Flying Tigers” members and more than 900 Chinese airmen who fought along with them died during the war.

From December 1941 to September 1945, the Flying Tigers shot down 2,600 Japanese military planes, destroyed 44 warships and killed 66,700 Japanese soldiers.

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