Passing the Civil Service Exam in the Philippines

The Civil Service Commission (CSC) will be conducting nationwide the first Career Service Professional and Sub-professional written examinations for the year on April 25, 2010. Applications are accepted at CSC Regional and Field Offices until March 10.

The Career Service Examination-Paper and Pencil Test (CSE-PPT) for Professional and Sub-professional levels are open to Filipino citizens who are at least 18 years old at the time of filing of application (regardless of educational attainment), have not taken the same level of examination since January 25, 2010, and have not failed the same level of examination for four times (those who have can apply for the same level of examination only after two years from the date the fourth failed examination was taken).

Interested applicants must complete and submit in person to any CSC Regional or Field Office the following requirements: 1] Properly accomplished examination application form (CS Form No. 100, Revised 2008 available at CSC Regional and Field Offices, and can be downloaded from the CSC website at; 2] Four pieces of recent (taken not more than three months upon filing of application) and identical 1.5” x 2” I.D. pictures in white background, and with hand-held (not computerized/computer-inserted) name tag showing the applicant’s full name that includes surname, first name, extension name (if any), and middle initial. The I.D. pictures must show the applicant’s bare face, that is, without eye glasses or any accessory that may cover their facial features; and 3] Original and photocopy of any valid I.D. card such as Driver’s License, SSS/GSIS I.D., current Office I.D., Postal I.D., BIR I.D., Barangay I.D., Voter’s I.D., valid Passport, and Police Clearance, that bears the applicant’s name, picture, date of birth and signature, and the authorized issuing officer’s name and signature. Examination fee is P350.

On the other hand, accommodation of applicants for the career service exams via the computer-assisted test (CSE-CAT) at the CSC Central Office is done through the Online CSE-CAT Application Reservation System (OCARS). Interested applicants of CSE-CAT are advised to carefully read and understand the general information on the OCARS posted at the CSC website. OCARS shall be available by March 15, 2010, or earlier should the need arise, for examinations to be conducted for the second quarter of 2010.

The CSC reiterates that it does not hold any review class nor publishes and distributes any review material for the career service examinations. Also, the CSC has not accredited any review center for the purpose of offering and holding review classes to prospective career service examinees.

The Career Service Professional and Sub-professional examinations are general ability tests designed to measure verbal, analytical, numerical and clerical skills. They include questions on the Philippine Constitution, government work ethics (R.A. 6713), peace and human rights issues and concepts, and environment management and protection.

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