Pangasinan News – Crime Prevention in Pangasinan

The Police Provincial Office (PPO) in Pangasinan has issued a series of Summer Crime Prevention Advisories to deter the commission of theft cases in homes during the vacation season.

The advisories were parts of the verbal instructions issued by Police Provincial Director Rosueto Ricaforte which were relayed to the media to remind the public that there is a need to keep homes and private properties safe from thieves and criminal elements.

The advisories were issued at the beginning of the vacation season when some families in Pangasinan may be traveling to various places to escape the heat and the doldrums at home this summer.

Noting that many families may be vacationing in other places this summer, Ricaforte asked those leaving their homes to lock their doors and windows tightly and to ask neighbors nearest them to watch their house while they are away.

It may be a good idea to leave the neighbor the address where the family is going and telephone numbers where the same can be contacted in case of emergency.

It is a no-no, said Ricaforte, to leave the house key hidden outside the house.
He advised those going on a vacation to temporarily stop all deliveries, like newspapers, mails and packages or better still arrange the neighbor to pick all these in the meantime.

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