Outbreak of Swine Flu virus with influenza A and B called (H1N1) in Nepal

Within a week of the outbreak of Swine Flu virus with influenza A and B called (H1N1) in Nepal, more than 38 patients have been affected by the virus, doctors said.

We have been able to confirm as many as 38 persons caught with swine flu virus spread in the Kathmandu Valley,” Dr Arjun Pant, senior pediatrician at the Shahid Sukraj Tropical and Infectious Disease Hospital.

According to the hospital, among 172 patients undergone blood tests at the hospital, 118 people were infected with influenza A while, 38 with influenza B. But doctors at the hospital said there is no need to panic about the virus.

The Epidemiology and Disease Control Division said the swine flu occurs when one is caught with H1N1 virus.

This is a respiratory disease which exhibits the symptoms of headache, high fever, cough, cold, body pain and vomit.

Dr. Pant said once the swine flu is treated on time, it could easily be cured. It is cured within five to seven days, he said.

However, children, elderly people, people with high blood pressure and chronic diseases are mostly affected with the swine flu.

Dr. Pant suggested that drinking plenty of water, liquid foods, using masks, and washing hands time to time and remaining aloof while coughing and cold could prevent the swine flu to some extent.

Earlier to this, a week ago, on Oct. 7, a total of 19 patients visiting different hospitals were found H1N1 positive.

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