Nuclear Radiation from Japan May Hit South Korea

I have a fear that the Nuclear Radiation from Japan May Hit South Korea, considering the distance between Japan and the two Korean nations.
As of the latest news, Japan cannot control the nuclear radiation leaked from 6 of its nuclear reactors that were damaged by Friday’s most powerful earthquake that also triggered tsunamis. There have been fears that nuclear radiation will hit the Philippines, but this is not yet confirmed and no scientific studies have been done yet. Meanwhile, another big possibility is that Korea can be hit by nuclear radiation from Japan as it the radioactive materials can travel by air. Here’s the latest news on the nuclear radiation leaked from Japan Press.

An explosion Monday occurred at a building housing the No. 3 reactor of an earthquake-hit nuclear power plant in Fukushima Prefecture, northeastern Japan, the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry said.

The blast left seven people missing temporarily, but the whereabouts of them were confirmed shortly, according to Tokyo Electric Power Co. <9501>, the operator of the plant. Six of them were injured, the company said.

What is believed to be a hydrogen explosion occurred at 11:01 a.m. (2:01 a.m. GMT) at the company’s Fukushima No. 1 nuclear plant, said the ministry’s Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency.

The blast is unlikely to have damaged the container of the reactor, nuclear agency officials said.

Tokyo Electric Power officials said the reactor container and the pressure vessel inside it were in a sound state as of 11:15 a.m.

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    Please refer following articles

    Foreigners seeking refuge in Korea
    2011-03-18 19:05

    Korea is serving as a temporary base for Japan-based employees of some multinational companies who are fleeing the quake-stricken country.

    Foreign governments are advising their citizens to get out of the country and mobilizing airplanes to evacuate them as health risk fears are growing from radiation leaks at the nuclear plant in Fukushima. A growing number of foreigners are arriving in Korea, airport and airline officials here said.

    Since Tuesday, Korean Air and Asiana Airlines added four to 11 additional flights every day to accommodate increasing numbers of travelers from Japan to Korea, according to the companies.

    Sources said some of BMW’s employees in its Japan unit are staying in Korea while most of them and their families have returned to Germany.

    The French government evacuated some 250 citizens from Japan to Korea on a special flight on Thursday and more are expected to be brought to Seoul. They will either leave for France or stay here before returning to Japan, sources said.

    Hotels and travel agencies are bracing for a sharp increase in guests who are fleeing the Japanese nuclear crisis.

    Some companies are considering Korea as a temporary business headquarters.

    “Some multinational companies are considering moving their Asian business headquarters from Japan to safer countries such as Korea and Singapore in case the Japan crisis is prolonged,” an industry source said.

    Japan is battling to minimize the nuclear disaster following Friday’s devastating 9.0-magnitude quake and tsunami that claimed thousands of lives and crippled a nuclear plant 240 kilometers north of Tokyo.

    Korean firms in Japan are cautious in moving their Japan-based employees in consideration of business interest.

    Samsung Group, Korea’s largest business group, has around 400 workers in Japan, most of them residing in Tokyo.

    “For now we don’t have plans to evacuate them from the country. But we are preparing for a worst situation and our employees will leave if conditions worsen,” an company official said.

    LG, SK and other business groups are also said did not have any immediate plans to evacuate them, while ordering some of workers staying in the quake-hit eastern parts of the country to move to other places.

    By Do Hyun-jung (

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