Nuclear Radiation from Japan May Hit China

The nuclear crisis in Japan is getting worse. Six nuclear reactors cannot be controlled. After the earthquake last Friday, the nuclear power plants in Japan leaked radioactive (atomic) materials to the air and can travel through clouds to any country, including China, which is near Japan.

The possibility of China being hit by Nuclear Radiation from Japan may be remote but it is possible considering that radioactive materials, once released into the air, can travel through clouds. Even South Korea can be hit by Nuclear Radiation from Japan. Also, Australia can be reached by nuclear radiation.

There have been no report from the Chinese media in Beijing whether China has detected any atomic, radioactive materials reaching China mainland, but in Tokyo, the nuclear radiation leaked has taken its effect. Here’s the news from Jiji Press.

A very small amount of radioactive substance has been detected in Tokyo, the metropolitan government said Tuesday (March 15, 2011, update).

The substance detected was iodine-131 and -132 as well as cesium-137 and -134, all of which are created through nuclear fission reactions, the metropolitan government said.

Radiation levels stood at 0.809 microsievert past 10 a.m. (1 a.m. GMT), about 20 times the level observed on Monday.

But the level of radiation does not pose any health hazard to residents, said Toyoo Sakurayama, senior engineer at the metropolitan government’s Social Welfare and Public Health Bureau.

The development apparently resulted from explosions at Tokyo Electric Power Co.’s <9020> quake-hit Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant.

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