Nuclear Radiation from Japan May Hit Australia

I believe that there is still a possibility that the nuclear radiation from Japan may reach Australia. In recent days following the most powerful earthquake that struck Japan in which 6 nuclear power plant reactors in Japan are bursting and one on the brink of meltdown, the world is panicky about the possibility of being hit by nuclear radiation from Japan.

Remember that nuclear radiation or the nuclear radioactive materials can travel through clouds and considering that Australia is on the south of the globe and if the wind drifts to Australia passing by the Philippines or perhaps Singapore, the possibility of Japan Nuclear Radiation that would hit Australia is very high.

In the meantime, Japan authorities denies a Chernobyl-type of disaster that may ensue following the meltdown of its nuclear reactors that are beyond control now.

Jiji Press – Japanese government organizations categorically deny there is any possibility of a Chernobyl-class nuclear catastrophe at an earthquake-hit nuclear power plant in northeastern Japan, a cabinet member said Monday.

The Nuclear Safety Commission and the industry ministry’s Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency say there is “absolutely no possibility of a Chernobyl,” National Policy Minister Koichiro Genba told a ruling party meeting.

Genba, policy leader of the Democratic Party of Japan, was relaying the opinions of the two expert organizations following explosions at Tokyo Electric Power Co.’s <9501> Fukushima No. 1 nuclear plant.

The authorities say that Chernobyl plant had no containment vessels for its reactors, while all reactors at the plant are fully protected against hydrogen explosions, according to Genba.

Chernobyl is the site in Russia of the world’s worst nuclear accident, which happened in 1986 during the Soviet era.

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