Nuclear Radiation from Japan Can Reach and Hit Vietnam Seawater

Vietnam is vulnerable of nuclear radiation leak from Japan. Considering the distance between Japan and Vietnam, the nuclear radioactivity substances from Japan can travel and reach Vietnam. If Vietnam would be hit by nuclear radiation from Japan, the surrounding countries may be affected too. In fact, the nuclear radiation materials have reached Switzerland and other parts of Europe. The Vietnamese government must ensure that all its citizens are safe by constantly monitoring any presence of nuclear radioactivity in the air or in the sea waters of Vietnam territory. Here’s the latest news on Japan’s ongoing nuclear radiation crisis.

Radioactive iodine 4,385 times the legal limit has been detected in seawater near the troubled Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant, the industry ministry’s Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency said Thursday.

Some 180 becquerels of iodine-131 per cubic centimeter were found in a seawater sample collected on Wednesday afternoon 330 meters off the discharge outlet of the No. 1 to 4 reactors of the plant in Fukushima Prefecture, northeastern Japan, the agency said. The reading was higher than 3,355 times the limit of the radioactive material found at the same spot Tuesday.

According to Tokyo Electric Power Co. <9501> officials, the plant’s operator, radioactive materials produced in reactor vessels or spent fuel rod pools because of damage to fuel rods are likely to have newly flown into the waters near the plant.

While no release of radioactive materials from the discharge outlet has been confirmed, the company has yet to find out how radioiodine reached the sampling point, the officials said.

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