Nuclear Radiation Can Travel and Hit Canada

Nuclear Radiation can travel to anywhere in the world and for that reason the nuclear radiation in Japan may hit Canada, depending on the direction of the wind.

With the nuclear radiation leak crisis getting more serious and many countries in the world taking precaution how to avoid nuclear radiation exposure, it is not a wise idea for Canada not to take the nuclear radiation problem seriously.

Earlier, it was reported that the U.S. may be hit by nuclear radiation. A pilot of the US Air Force was quoted as saying that he detected large amounts of radiation in air, a report which supported fears that nuclear radiation can travel through air and may be dispersed inland through rain.

Here’s the latest news from BBC on the nuclear crisis in Japan.

Fire has again broken out at a quake-stricken nuclear plant in north Japan.

The blaze struck reactor four of the Fukushima Daiichi plant for the second time in two days. Officials later said it appeared to be out, but there are reports the fire is continuing.

Friday’s 9.0-magnitude earthquakea and tsunami, which killed thousands, damaged the plant’s cooling functions.

The site has also been hit by four explosions, triggering radiation leaks and sparking health concerns.

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