Nuclear Radiation Can Travel and Affect Mexico

The nuclear radiation leak crisis in Japan is larger than most people can think off as radioactive clouds can travel and affect Mexico. People in Mexico should not take the nuclear radiation easy. Mexicans must avoid radiation exposure by staying indoor.

In Japan, embassies in Tokyo have shut down and expats in Tokyo have been ordered to evacuate to avoid being hit by nuclear radiation. Nuclear radiation can cause death with 30 days after being contaminated by radioactive atomic materials. No words from Mexico’s embassy in Tokyo have been released regarding the safety of Mexicans living in Mexico or in the United States.

Here’s the latest update on the nuclear radiation crisis in Japan.

A number of countries followed the United States Thursday in recommending that their nationals living within an 80-kilometer radius of a troubled nuclear power plant in Japan evacuate.

The British embassy in Tokyo advised British nationals to move out of the 80-kilometer radius of the Fukushima No. 1 near plant in northeastern Japan.
Australia and New Zealand issued a similar recommendation.

South Korea will follow the United States and Britain, South Korean Foreign Affairs and Trade Minister Kim Sung Hwan said at a news conference.

South Koreans who cannot leave the area will be advised to stay indoors, Kim said. – Jiji Press

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