NSO Data on Underemployed Filipinos

Filipinos who are underemployed rose to 22.7 percent as compared to 19.1 percent in July last year, the July 2012 National Statistics Labor Force survey show.

The rate is the highest on record since July 2006 when underemployment was at 23.4 percent.

“The number of underemployed persons in July 2012 was estimated at 8.5 million placing the underemployment rate at 22.7 percent. The visibly underemployed persons or those working for less than 40 hours during the reference week in July 2012 accounted for 53.5 percent of the total underemployed,” the survey said.

Those categorized as underemployed are those who are currently working but need additonal work hours in their present job or those who want to have an additional job.

Meanwhile, the number of jobless Filipinos is at 7 percent or 2.8 million which is almost the same as the 7.1 percent rate for the same period last year.

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