North Korea Captures 2 Japanese

North Korea has held three Japanese in custody in its northeastern city of Rason, with one deported later, the country’s official Korean Central News Agency reported Wednesday.

North Korean authorities are following judicial procedures over charges of smuggling drugs and using counterfeit money against the two who entered the country on March 14, according to the news agency.

The two have admitted to the allegations and recognized the crimes are grave, the news agency said. It identified the three as Masaki Furuya, Hidehiko Abe and Takumi Hirooka and Furuya as the deported.

Their acts were very grave crimes in violation of North Korea’s law and international law, and they are supposed to take appropriate legal responsibility, the news agency said.
The arrest of the two was unveiled last month. The three are believed to have visited North Korea in March for business with a food processing firm in the city and been held on charges of exporting canned food together with drugs to China.

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