Nexus 7.7 Version Features

This naming scheme is really going to mess Google up when they create next years’ Nexus tablets and phones. But as you can guess from the name, this will be a 7.7-inch tablet. And we also have specs on this one as well.

7.7-inch 1920×1200 resolution display 294 PPI
Tegra 4 processor
2GB of RAM
8GB/16GB storage
720p HD Front and Rear facing cameras
The sources don’t mention what version of Android both devices will be running, we’d be fools if we didn’t expect Android 4.3, or Android 5.0 to be on these devices. Since Google always releases new Nexus devices with new versions of Android. The source also tells us that both devices will feature a very thin bezel, just 1mm thick.

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