New Quarterly OLED Materials Report by DSCC

DSCC (Display Supply Chain Consultants) is pleased to announce the first issue of their New Quarterly OLED Materials Report. Prepared in collaboration on an exclusive basis with the OLED Association, it combines DSCC’s deep knowledge on OLED capacity, shipments, yields and fab utilization with the OLED Association’s knowledge on OLED device structures, OLED material prices, and the OLED material supply chain.

According to DSCC Co-Founder and President Bob O’Brien, “By combining the insights of OLED-A and DSCC, this report gives a comprehensive and detailed look at the materials in OLED displays. As OLED displays grow to dominate the smartphone space and capture premium TV customers, OLED materials revenue will drive dramatic growth for many suppliers in this industry.”

The report tracks all the major materials used to produce flexible OLEDs, rigid OLEDs, and OLED TVs. Both emitter and common material markets are quantified in revenues, units, area, and volumes by application through 2022. Design wins and OLED materials supplier share are also provided.

Some of the key findings of this report include:
OLED Material Revenues – All Applications:
Revenue for OLED Stack Materials for all applications is expected to grow from $905 million in 2017 to $2.25 billion in 2022, a 20% CAGR
Revenue for Small/Medium applications is expected to increase at an even faster 22%, from $586 million to $1.56 billion, growing from 65% to 69% of the overall market
Revenues for TV applications will grow slower than the overall market at 16% CAGR from $272 million to $580 million, as ink jet printing gains ground after 2020 resulting in more efficient OLED material depositions and less OLED material consumption.

This report includes the following deliverables:
Companies Included in Report
Universal Display Corporation
Idemitsu Kosan
LG Chemical
Sumitomo Chemical
Duksan Neolux
Hodogaya Chemical
Innox AM
Samsung SDI
OLED device structures
Material classifications
Material development trends
OLED material descriptions
Industry value chain descriptions
Supplier profiles
Material pricing
OLED Material Forecasts (2016-2022)
Shipment volumes and revenue projections
Average prices (ASPs)
Segmented by:
• Panel supplier
• Application – Mobile, TV, Other
• Form factor – Rigid vs. Flexible
Materials covered include:
Organic Layers
Small molecule emissive material (EML)
Polymer emissive material (EML)
Hole injection material (HIL)
Hole transport material (HTL)
Electron transport material (ETL)
With pricing starting at $9.995.00, this report offers a cost-effective solution for OLED material suppliers, market and financial analysts to track these exciting markets.
Optional material specific modules for circular polarizers and polyimide for OLEDs are also available for an additional $2,495.00 each.
Complete report table of contents:
Executive Summary (p. 4-9)
OLED Material Descriptions (p.10-21)
Supplier profiles (p.22 – 31)
Methodology (p.32 – 36)
OLED Stack Material Costs (p.37 – 51)
Stack configuration & thickness
Cost per m2
Cost for key products
Suppliers & Market Share
Material Revenue Forecast (p.52- 121)
Input Area (p.53 – 64)
Substrates (p.65 – 67)
Small/Medium (p.68 – 82)
TV / Large (p.83 – 93)
PMOLED (p.94 – 100)
OLED Lighting (p.101 – 107)
All Applications (p.108 – 120)
Supplier Revenues (p.121 – 147)
For more information on DSCC’s New Quarterly OLED Materials Report, please contact Dustin(at)displaysupplychain(dot)com, call 512-577-3672 in the US and 81-90-4597-5632 in Japan or visit

About DSCC
Display Supply Chain Consultants (DSCC) was formed by experienced display market analysts from throughout the display supply chain and delivers valuable insights through consulting, syndicated reports and events. The company has offices in the US, Japan, and China. They can be found on the web at and can be reached in the US at info(at)displaysupplychain(dot)com or (512) 577-3672.

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